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Curtis L
02-17-2011, 3:54 PM
Hello everyone,
I have a Dan Wesson Pistol Pack in .357 Mag. In doing a search online for this model I noticed a fellow on this site recently sold or traded one just like mine. I have the brown case with the belt buckle, patch, factory tool and shim for changing barrels as well as the target grip and the smaller grip as well. It has 4 barrels in the case 2"-4"-6"-8" I also have three other barrels outside the "suitcase" Those are 10"-12"-14" for a total of 7 barrels This gun has been fired although I do not believe al the barrels have been shot. I inherited this gun from my father many years ago and I now wish to sell it. If anyone could give me an insight to what this gun is worth and if anyone has any interest in the set please let me know.

02-17-2011, 4:38 PM
A lot....but much of that depends on condition. I've seen these on GunBroker.com for more then a $1000 but I was not paying attention to if they have bids or not since I also have a similar gun. I wasn't selling but more seeing what I had.

If you are not going to be super active in getting top dollar you might talk to a gun shop about consigning it for you, but gather more information here and Gun Broker so you don't get taken. Good shops won't....but then you probably aren't a regular to them so you have to trust but verify.

02-17-2011, 9:40 PM
Welcome aboard Curtis. Good luck with the research. Ask your question in the Handguns section. You will get more responses there.

Peter W Bush
02-17-2011, 9:43 PM
There is someone in Pasadena selling a clean set for $900. What are you asking for yours? Pics and a post in the handguns section would get you all of the info you need. Nice guns.