View Full Version : Great Service, Great Store, Thanks!

02-07-2011, 7:31 AM
I just wanted to say thanks again Mike
Thanks for the great deal on the MPA30 Mags

My wife liked the shop too:D

I love your store, it's laid out perfect, and everyone in the shop are top notch customer service and super helpful and friendly. My wife even laughed when the guy asked us if we wanted to see anything else as we were walking out... She knows I shouldn't touch anything... I'll want to buy it:D

So thanks and keep up the great work
I've been recommending your store to all my friends looking to buy any new firearms and or accessories

02-07-2011, 9:12 AM
Thanks! Glad to hear it!

02-07-2011, 9:13 AM
I haven't been there but heard good things.