View Full Version : Benelli/Surefire help??

09-04-2006, 1:24 AM
Just picked up a NOS old style (no rocker switch) Laser Products/Surefire 617 forearm light for dirt cheap on sturmgewehr.com and I cant get it to fit my Benelli M1 S90. Everything was in the box except install instructions. Surefire says it will only fit certain Benellis (S/N M104801 and newer) and mine is in the 500000 range. I figured I would remove the mag tube extention, barrel, and factory forearm and the new forearm and spacer would slip right on. However, there's a small portion at the end of the mag tube thats a slightly larger diameter, and the new forearm will not slip over it. Maybe I can remove the entire mag tube, slip on the new forearm and screw the whole thing back on?? It looks like the mag tube is threaded, and maybe an internal pipe wrench would do the job.

This is bumming me out.

Anybody here ever install one of these on a Benelli?? Problems??

09-21-2006, 1:44 PM
Gave up and ended up sending it to Bain and Davis