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09-03-2006, 4:16 PM
This Third Sunday, there is the regular sporting rifle match and also a 22rf match immediately afterwards.

The 22 match is open to any 22 cal rf pistol or rifle that holds at least 10 rounds. It can be shot with a pistol, long gun, or both. You need at least 200 rounds of ammo. It is like a rimfire steel challenge and there is no drawing from the holster. This match is very beginner and youth friendly. The stages of fire are set up to be doable but challenging for a beginner, and a speed course for an advanced shooter. This is lots of fun and a good way to get out and shoot for a Sunday. It follows the sporting rifle match, so you can shoot both....

Sporting Rifle...

All you need is a rifle that holds at least 4 rounds at a time, and 40 rounds.
Scopes ok, rifle weight is not a factor at this match....
Come on out and play!!!!

Off list rifles (can I still say that here?) work well and are welcome...

Check this link for the info (http://www.lemongrovegunclub.com/index.cfm?ct=32)


Sporting Rifle
Join the fun every third Sunday of the month!

Most shooters who own a hunting rifle never get a chance to do more than just "sight it in," usually from a bench, once a year before taking to the field. Lemon Grove has an answer for those men and women which is guaranteed to help them harvest an animal during big game season. In addition, participants find it is a very enjoyable game to play. On the third Sunday of each month, the Lemon Grove club holds an NRA-sanctioned "High Power Sporting Rifle" tournament which is usually just called "Sporting Rifle." Not only does the rifle owner get a chance to practice different shooting stances, but the pressure and thrill of competing serves to sharpen the shooters skills. Most of the tournaments are fired at 100 yards, but occasional matches may be fired at 200 yards.

Very different from "NRA High Power," which is military-style shooting with enough ancillary equipment such as shooting coats, stools, gloves, etc. to equal the down payment on a new home, Sporting Rifle shooters are not allowed shooting coats and the associated paraphernalia is very limited by the rules.

For instance, the rifle cannot weigh more than 9.5 pounds, including sights and empty magazines, but minus the sling. Shooting coats are not allowed, but a coat such as used in hunting may be worn. Shooting gloves are forbidden, but a hunting-type glove is OK with the precise definition of those items outlined in the Rulebook. Type of sling is virtually unlimited.

Using any center-fire rifle and any sights meeting the 9.5 pound rule, the shooters are allowed five sighting shots to begin the game. Next, eight shots are fired in an eight minute time limit, single loaded. This first stage is from the prone position. The second stage is eight shots, singly loaded, in eight minutes from the standing position. The third stage is from the sitting or kneeling position with three rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber. At the commence fire command, the four shots must be fired in 30 seconds. This course of fire is then repeated with four additional shots for a total of eight.

The fourth stage is similar to the third stage, except with the stage being fired while in the prone position.

That's the whole enchilada. A total of 37 shots, including five sighters, with the possible score of 320 points.

Typically scores are not very high due to the limitations on equipment. A Master score being only 300 plus. While bolt actions rifles seem to predominate, many shooters find good use for their Semi Auto rifles which score very well against their bolt action cousins. A few brave nostalgic types even use old military rifles.

Lemon Grove's matches are open to the public and do qualify for the shooting portion of the Civilian Marksmanship Program requirements for the purchase of an M1 Garand surplus military rifle. If you are a rifle hunter you already have all the equipment you need. Our matches are not only NRA-sanctioned, but awards are given for various Classifications of shooters. New competitors are especially welcomed as are lady shooters and all will receive assistance in their first competition. Join the fun every third Sunday of the month.

09-05-2006, 8:28 AM
I checked the link you provided, but somehow I missed - or THEY missed - the posting of what time this starts and how long it goes.

Any clue there?

BTW, Thanks!!

EDIT: OK, please allow insertion of huge "DOH!" here....

It wasn't in the substance of the write-up, but it shows on the calendar as "08:00AM Sporting Rifle Match" - that's good enough for me.:o

(except I need to get to bed early on Saturday night, and not drink much coffee before that match!!!)