View Full Version : Rifegear 07 ffl

02-02-2011, 8:44 PM
does this mean rifle could assemble a custom rifle for me if I buy all the parts from your store?!

02-02-2011, 8:47 PM
As long as its CA compliant then, yes.

02-02-2011, 8:56 PM
Awesome. But what if I ordered a rail from another store, would you guys be able to still complete a rifle for me with the supplied rifle?

02-02-2011, 8:57 PM
I mean supplied rail

02-02-2011, 9:46 PM
Don't mean to steal this thread, but I have a pistol I would like to order and have converted to single shot (I can supply all the parts to convert). Would riflegear be able to do that?

02-03-2011, 11:15 AM
@ Secret... There shouldn't be any problem assembling a lower and upper you already have. Installing rails or accessories or even assembling a lower are all pretty easy to do and we can have it done in a matter of days. Naturally we're going to charge you for any labor involved in putting your build together.

@wtfprompt... You would need to have the rifle sent to us in a CA legal configuration. Try using an out of state middleman like Quentin Laser or US Machinegun to reconfigure the gun on your behalf.