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02-02-2011, 11:55 AM
I found this article over at Time.com pretty interesting with its dealing with the Commerce Clause and some of the cases that are surrounding it uses. I really never knew how many important cases hinged on it. Cool Reading! (personally I found it cool.. might be redundant or even simplistic to some of our legal eagles! ;) )

Didn't I read somewhere the the commerce clause can/should be used as a wedge for some gun rights??

Snip from Time...

Once the cases reach the high court, they will offer Chief Justice John Roberts his first chance to put his stamp on an area of law on which his predecessor left lasting marks. Fifteen years ago, Chief Justice William Rehnquist authored the first opinion in nearly a century striking down an act of Congress on the grounds that lawmakers had exceeded the powers granted under the commerce clause. In U.S. v. Lopez a decision Vinson on Monday called a "watershed" moment the court invalidated a federal statute that made it illegal to possess a firearm near a school. In passing the law, Congress had reasoned it would easily fall within the 20th century court's understanding of the commerce clause giving Congress the power to regulate anything that had a "substantial effect" on interstate commerce, no matter how far removed from the actual selling and transporting of goods it might be.


02-02-2011, 1:43 PM
This thread is probably too broad for this section.

This video rocks and was cited in the recent decision that struck down Obamacare.


I highly recommend www.reason.com and www.reason.tv