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02-01-2011, 7:37 AM
If Sten parts kits are Illegal in CA please let me know so i can remove my listing...

Hello everyone..
I had this parts kit put back for a pistol build but i am more interested in other things since i already have one semi sten i figured i would sell or trade it.. I purchased this kit from an old gentleman that had a few parts kits , I bought everyone he had and sold all but the one i built into a rifle and this one.

This sten parts kit is Complete less the stock , the magwell still attached to the front receiver section. The bore is in average condition for the stens i have seen. Rifling is still in ok condition . The exterior of the sten is typical with little finish remaining. The fire control housing ( the part that looks like a receiver ) is in good shape. The ears are still attached ( most are cut flush) The rear of the receiver , the part with the rear sight sticking up looks as though someone had built an early semi sten , It still has a portion of the old receiver and a portion of the semi receiver attached. looks as though it was built at one time. This kit will come with one 32 round magazine unless you live in a state where high cap mags are illegal..( not sure how but i can turn the mag into a mag rebuild kit ) Let me know if they are illegal in your state.. The sten parts kit will not come with a stock or pistol grip. Long story but i had someone beg for the pistol grip i had put back for this and i ended up letting them have it.


Closeup of the fire control housing.

$100 plus $10 shipping ,

thats only $110 shipped for a parts kit that is selling for almost $200 plus shipping

Will trade for

New or Used AR15 bolt carrier group and charging handle.
Ar15 complete upper ( with boot )

For inspiration

Here is my Semi Sten ( fake silencer ) along with my Vz58 and my Mak90


02-03-2011, 4:30 AM
Bump for lower price..

$100 plus $10 shipping ,

thats only $110 for a parts kit that is selling for almost $200 plus shipping

I just listed this on a couple other boards so i will go by time stamps if anyone pms me that they will take it.

02-04-2011, 4:14 AM
Pending trade , If trade falls through i will put the kit back up.... Thanks for looking