View Full Version : Magpul M93 stock slipping out of adjustment

02-01-2011, 4:36 AM
I recently purchased my first 5.56 AR rifle from a fellow calgunner, and have some issues with the Magpul M93A adjustable stock.

It is a 16" LMT Defender 2000 piston W/ magpul MOE pistol grip and above mentioned stock. It has about 300 rounds through it, 250 of which I did in two different range sessions. The first time I shot it it performed flawlessly, it was cleaned and returned to the safe. This last weekend on my 2nd range trip, while target shooting the stock kept slipping out of adjustment, self collapsing with the recoil of the weapon. After I extended it fully and locked it into position, with each shot It would start collapsing on its own, slipping out of "lock" :confused:

Needless to say it made target practice difficult and frustrating. Without tearing the stock apart, does anybody know why this is happening? Is there something stripped or broken in the locking mechanism?? I have never had a rifle with collapsable stock before, so I am clueless as to why this is happening.

Any input is appreciated