View Full Version : On hold: AK Kits, a bunch of them

01-31-2011, 11:44 PM
SALE OF KITS ARE ON HOLD.... In the process of headspacing and prepping these kits

Up for sale I got (4) AK 47 kits. All located in the East Bay Area but will ship. Each will come with a new US made barrel non chrome line. Honestly 47s don't need to be chrome line since the majority of the ammo is non corrosive. The yugo surplus is the only ammo I know of. The US barrels are 14x1 left hand threaded, extractor is cut, hg slot is cut, gas port drilled and is white. Nothing is pinned on the barrel or headspaced. All kits will come demilled but you will still need to clean off cosmo on parts. Will not come with full auto parts.

I have (2) Egyptian Maadi fixed stock kits. The parts are not Arabic marked but it does say Cal 7.62x39mm on the rsb. The top cover does have some kind of Arabic writing. The wood is very nice, the metal and milling look better on these kits than the kit I got from Apex. These do not have a trigger guard or selector stop. $275 each shipped

I have (2) Romanian M65 underfolder kits. Overall condition of the kits are nice, finish is worn on the underfolder, small crack on top handguard (common when people try to take them off). No reverse donkey dongs since many soldiers cut them off haha since many people did not like them. $285

If these kits do not sell, I will be pinning and headspacing these kits, prepping them for people to build. Price will increase once the work is done.

Pictures will be taken in a day or two since I am starting a new job. Overall I looked at the kits and the finish is worn here and there but they look good.