View Full Version : Taser C2 new in box (Silver/Black) $200

01-31-2011, 10:04 AM

Up for sale is a brand-new in the box Taser c2 model in a silver and black coloring. The taser has never been opened; it arrived from the company this morning and I am selling it because I need quick money.

I already own a black c2 and I love it very much; if you live in an unfriendly CCW climate as I do, it is a great defensive choice. you have the option of using the included cartridge at a distance of 15 feet and then using the unit as a close contact stun gun after discharging the cartridge. The electric pulse lasts for an entire 30 seconds to give you time to run away and call the police. If you get into a defensive situation and have to use the C2, file a police report, send it to the company and you will get a brand-new one in the mail free of charge.

In the box you get the unit and a cartridge and instructions on how to activate the Taser.

The unit is priced at $200 for a quick sale. These retail for 359+ tax. I live in Santa Cruz County but often travel to San Jose and beyond. Please leave your phone number in your private message so that I can call you to arrange pickup. Again, leave your phone number so I know you're serious.:chris:

photo bucket is not working for me right now but I have a cell phone picture to send to you if you leave your phone number and request one.

02-01-2011, 10:27 PM
does this have the laser?