View Full Version : Gun-Kote K-Phos

08-30-2006, 12:09 AM
I was looking into the gunkote vs. moly resin and decided on the moly resin. I then saw people recommend park'ing the gun before putting the baked on coating (little too much work for a shooter)

Anyways, i heard some talk about a spray on coating similar to a full park job called GunKote Kphos. Anyone used this or recommend it? I figured it would make the moly resin stick better and put a better, longer lasting coating on the gun.


08-30-2006, 7:14 AM
I'm sure that it will help. I sprayed Moly-resin over a parked pistol and it adhered VERY well.

KG Industries is the maker of KPhos and Guncoat. I've seen pistures of the surface of the metal with and without the KPhos and can assure you that it definately provides more "tooth" to the surface of the part being finished. From what I understand, it is very easy to apply, but is also very thin. You have to keep a close eye out for runs, as it will affect the quality of the finish.

There are some pictures on 1911 forum of a pistol finished with Guncoat. The first time, no KPhos was applied and the finish started flaking fairly quickly. The gun was stripped and refinished, this time using KPhos. There is a distinct difference in the appearance of the finish and its resistance to flaking/scratches.