View Full Version : Looking for beginner rifle matches

01-28-2011, 2:31 PM
Hey guys, so im 15 and ive been going to the range weekly and lately have been getting interested in match shooting. I currently shoot a rem 700 in .308 and am looking into .22s since ammo is so pricey. Im in the LA area and would love any info on nearby events of either type! Thanks guys

01-29-2011, 6:41 AM
There are lots of really impressive22s on the market that will put then all in the same ragged hole . The gun club I go to has a 22 lr shooting group and though I can't shoot good enough to put them all in one hole I watch the guys shoot and they have CZs, savages. the old Winchester model 52s "pricey" all the way up to multi thousand customs . The old guys with toy money!! I love 22lrs and it is a good choiceyou are making to the point of saying I am in the process of selling all of my 30 cal rifles and going to 22s.