View Full Version : Clarification and apology

08-28-2006, 12:17 PM
Recently, I have been critical of GOC (Gun Owners of California) for legislative positions taken this year but now need to correct the record. As far as I can tell, my critisisms were based on incorrect information that did not accurately reflect their positions. I cannot verify those claims and therefore apologize for the mistaken assumption that GOC was operating in this fashion. So as far as I can now tell...

- GOC has not supported AB 2714 (Ammo mail order restrictions).

- GOC has not supported SB 1578 (Dog tethering bill).

- And while GOC staff did not testify at the Aug. 16th DOJ hearing as I stated, they had filed a letter opposing the proposed regulation before the deadline.

As part of this apology, I would like to thank GOC for their efforts in these matters.