View Full Version : Wading in cotton socks sucks

01-28-2011, 1:24 PM
So earlier in the week my friend called me and asked if I wanted to go check out a river that we had never fished before. I replied “sure it sounds like it could be fun. Let’s go check it out on Thursday”.

Thursday morning rolled around; I packed my car and headed to his house. After a brief stop for gas and some breakfast we were on our way. The drive wasn’t too bad as we have had some warm weather (in the 40s’).

After about an hour and a half of driving we were near the turnout. The little access road snaked around private property. After driving through a couple of gates we were at the parking access area.

We got out and started to get our gear ready. I pulled my waders, boots and the rest of my crap from my gear bag. There was only one little problem; I could not find my wool wading socks. ***** I said where could they be. I searched my car, vest and gear bag, but alas there were no socks to be found. Dammit this sucks especially during winter fishing, but I was not about to drive home to go get them. Besides I used to fish without heavy socks in the past.

After getting our crap ready we bushwhacked our way down to the river. When I saw the river I immediately thought it looked exactly like a popular river in another state. I thought to myself; damn I hate that river, hopefully the fishing won’t suck too.

I began to fish the river working my way upstream, while my buddy worked the river downstream. After fishing a few spots I felt my first take and set the hook. The fish put up a so so fight. I landed the bow looked at it and put my camera away. This thing was about the ugliest stocker looking bow I had ever seen.

I continued fishing upriver for a while but it wasn’t really that great. On my way I saw a pretty cool looking hawk in a tree on the other side, so I snapped a couple of shots and moved on.



I decided to head back down river to see how Jeremy was doing. After a nice hike through some pretty thick vegetation I made it to the spot where he was. I asked him how he was doing; his reply was he hadn’t landed a thing.
At this point it was 1300 so we decided to head back to the car and eat. While we were hiking back I asked him if he wanted to just GTFO and try someplace else. He said yea that sounded good, so we got in the car and ate on the way.

We decided just to head back to Boise and fish the river in town. The view was better (especially because we were by BSU), but the fishing wasn’t. The only action was when Jeremy hooked into something large. It stripped off line, ran upriver and popped the hook. We fished for a little while longer then decided to head back. The nice thing was that it wasn’t a long drive.

After dropping him off I headed back to my house. I walked in the door and had a nice beef stew dinner waiting. The fishing might have sucked on this day but the dinner more than made up for it.