View Full Version : Glock 31/22 Full Size Magazine Rebuild Kits x 2, will fit G31 G32 G33 G22 G23 G27

Agent Tikki
01-27-2011, 8:54 AM
Have 2 x G31 15 round magazines REBUILD KITS for sale $40 shipped, $35 picked up. I got these last year, so they are not old. In good working condition, only selling them because I sold my G31.

Have used them for .357 sig AND .40 S&W caliber with no FTF or FTEs (i had a .40s&w conversion on it). If you have a G22 it will fit and they will work no problem. If you really want to use them for self defence, just exchange the followers, and the rest of the magazine is absolutely the same.

If you have a compact G32 or G23 try one of these
to add a full size grip on your compact.

If you have a sub compact G27 or G33 try one of these
to add a full size grip on your little package (sub compact).

I am not selling the grip extentions, just the full size magazines at a ripping good price!

Thx for looking.