View Full Version : CMP may still have some 1903 in their store

08-25-2006, 6:39 PM
Website says sold out, but posts on the CMP forum indicate they have (had) some in the North Store. I told was it's possible to order a Garand from one of their stores (they have two: North and South). So why not 1903s?

If you're interested I'd call CMP and ask for the numbers of both the North and South store and see where you get. You'd have to talk to people in the stores directly.

08-26-2006, 2:43 AM
I was at the North Store a couple months ago with a fanatical Garand buyer who looked at every single rifle in there so while he was perusing Garand muzzle and throat measurements I handled all the 1903 rifles.

I was not impressed. Its sad to see what some people will accept in these rifles. I bought one of the first Greek 1903 when they became available and it was tolerable. Double heattreat 1918, excellent original barrel dated SA 7-18, C stock so-so condition and GREEN parkerizing, the same color you'd see on a WW2 Garand or 1911A1. A green Springfield is hard to look at but most of the Greek 1903 rifles will have a matte black finish that's rather UggLee. And the stocks... the sorry stocks. Most of them should have the stocks buried deep and mourned over. They are sorry. Excessively worn, lathered in axle grease (its not cosmoline). I hate to see anyone spending good money on these rifles but they're the only game in town so just don't expect much and you won't be disappointed.

1894 & 1896 Swedish Mausers