View Full Version : Ohio Rapid Fire issues with receivers - let me clear this up!!

Assault Weapons of Ohio
01-25-2011, 4:33 PM
Hello Everyone...

I wanted to clear some things up on the forums regarding the issues Rapid Fire had with the receivers in the past. I know a lot of you are concerned. Before Todd passed away, these issues were fixed. There were a lot of Galils that were made incorrectly but that problem is all taken care of and the Galils are fine now. We got the new batch of receivers which is why I have so many that I need to heat treat and serial # etc. Also, the M76 receivers we have and are currently using to build the M76's do not require a bullet guide. We have built several on these receivers, even made 3 into full auto's and built our own 25 round mag for this gun. The guns scream I must say!!! So no issues with M76 receivers. Those receivers are no longer for sale as we are using them to build and are matched with our kits.........However, if you do have the "old" M76 receivers, those will require the bullet guide which we are selling if u need it to finish your gun.

I understand all of you are concerned and have every right to be due to past issues. We are inspecting each receiver that goes out the door. The last thing we want to do is sell junk!!! :)