View Full Version : Gunsmith for Remington 870 lightweight 20 ga

08-24-2006, 10:52 PM
Anyone know of a good gunsmith for Remington 870 Lightweight 20 gauge in Oakland area?

My shell latches are defective and I ocasionally get 2 live rounds out of the magazine, when that happens the gun is locked up.

I took my shotgun to Imbert & Smithers. However before it could be fixed the gunsmith quit.

The owner definately does not know how a remington works. Owner told me that the extractor is broken, and will have to weld a new one into the receiver and the receiver would have to be reblued. WTF!?

#1 Extractor is in the bolt, not the receiver.

#2 Ejector is in the receiver and it is rivited in, not welded. Probably because it would be bad to weld on a spring such as the ejector spring.

#3 Would have to re-blue the whole receiver after the welding is done.

This is supposed to be an authorised Remington repair facility.

I am going to pick up my shotgun as soon as possible.

I just wanted my shell latches replaced. However they are staked in and I do not have a staking tool. (Mossberg looks like they just drop in)


08-25-2006, 6:19 AM
Dan you are welcome to use any of my shotguns while it gets repaired. I have two competent Gunsmiths in my area.

Diablo Valley Gun Works 925-676-4117 ask for Bill Seagraves

Sierra Gunsmith 925-939-3646 ask for Jim Gaston

Call me when you have time.