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Ive tried searching the net and here on calguns but didnt come up with much on this question.

To preface this, when my great grandfather passed away in the early 90s he gave my father and i his m1 carbine with several 15 round magazines. From my research i can not find any age restrictions on owning magazines, so my question is this,

Can i legally own these magazines because they were given to me before the ban even though I was under the age of 18 at the time?

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legal. Don't have the PC. someone will be here shortly with it if it exists. I got a couple SKS 30 rounders given to me by a uncle when I was 10. I also got a box full of AR-15 mags helping a guy move in 98. I am 24 as of March 1st. load them and enjoy them. heck you can rebuild them to larger capacities because they are since they are highcaps.

Are you saying I can legally buy 30rnd mag kits and so long as I dissasemble my old mags I can reassemble the 30rds?

01-24-2011, 10:37 PM
Are you saying I can legally buy 30rnd mag kits and so long as I dissasemble my old mags I can reassemble the 30rds?

If the old mags and new mags have at least one interchangeable part. Disassemble old mag, assemble new mag with at least one old mag part. Then after you do that you can later remove the old part and put the new part in as a separate step. In that manner you haven't manufactured a new magazine but instead it is the same magazine.

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good to know. Thank you very much.

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Magazines were all the rage for baby gifts in the mid 90s.

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Magazines were all the rage for baby gifts in the mid 90s.


It's true that there is no age limit on ownership/possession of magazines.

And it's true that some parents might really have been so foresighted as to give some to their very young children.

But a thread with such anecdotes usually winds up with a string of quite unbelievable 'I can top that' stories.

So let us focus on the more probable, the more obviously likely and useful to others discussions on magazines.

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But the OP said the rifle and mags were given to both his father AND himself.

Which was it?

Seems unlikely the gun was really given to the grandchild in the eyes of the law. If the gun wasn't, then likely the mags went to whoever the gun was given to (the father).

To receive ownership of the mags anytime after the PC took effect wouldn't be legal.

So, I think the OP meant that the rifle was given to his dad, and the mags were given to him...


/as Librarian pointed out, these "I was given high caps when I was 2" threads are always interesting........

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Methinks a lot of young-uns who didn't or couldn't purchase large capacity magazines before 2000 are attempting to acquire them now.

I fear the only way these folks will ever have large capacity magazines is a law change - - which will be years in the making and require tectonic political shifts first.

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I'm 54 years old and I still hide my magazines under the BED...! :laugh:

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Maybe this is an area that we can show that we CAN compromise. Anyone under 10 should only have 10 round mags. At 11, you could buy 15 round mags; at 12 you get 20 and at 13 you get a beta-mag.

01-25-2011, 7:58 PM
Thanks for all the responses, it gives me some things to consider.