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08-24-2006, 4:36 AM
Where can I get a Cali Approved SKS other that Big5, Turners, AmmoBros. I do not want to pay their high price. I am waiting for my C&R to arrive so I will be ok to get it mailed. What a differance in prices:eek: . I just have to find other ways to save more so I can buy more. Any help would be appreciated!:cool: Now off to work so I can make more !

08-24-2006, 7:21 AM
most CA legal SKS rifles you see nowaday aren't C&R eligible. They're usually Yugo rifles with the grenade launcher taken off. To be honest, i haven't found a CA legal SKS (C&R or not) that was in a condition i'd want to buy for less than $300...

of course, after buying a rifle 4 times that, $300 doesn't look so bad...

El Barto
08-24-2006, 8:12 AM
With the exception of buying a SKS in state, you will have to order one an have it made compliant before you receive it in California. Case in point is the Yugo 59/66. You cannot, say, have it shipped to your favorite gunsmith in California to have them perform the launcher mod. You could order it, have it sent to a smith in Nevada and then have it shipped to you. But you would have to find someone willing to do that for you and it will cost more than the gun will be worth.

If you really want to get the value out of your C&R, my advice is to try out Interordnance. They can perform the mod and ship it to you. The "unissued" yugo I saw that came from IO was indeed unissued. there was no indication that it had ever been fired. The gas system was spotless, not a trace of carbon or crud on it.

Also, if you are feeling lucky, you can get a Yugo 59 from Century. They have u-fix-ums for about $60. The one I got was only missing the bayonet, other than that it looks very nice. Definately worth twice what I paid for it.

Oh, also get a swiss K31. They are highly recommended.

Rob Jones
08-24-2006, 9:44 AM
How about buying one from Gunbrokers.com (the auction site). I see Russian SKS's (totally legal in CA) going for $300.00 or so. In fact, a friend of mine in San Diego recently obtained a 'new' Russian SKS (laminated stock, matching numbers, etc) for $300.00 from gunbroker.com. As he did not have a C&R FFL, he had to use a local FFL to process the transfer. But since you have (or are getting) a C&R FFL, any CA legal C&R rifle you got from gunbroker.com could be shipped directly to you. Note that there are no more wholesale Russian SKS's available, so getting one for $300.00 is not a bad deal. They are definitely worth $300.00.


08-24-2006, 10:13 AM
just remember, C&R laws are tricky:

if a rifle that would be C&R eligible (Yugo SKS for example) was modified from it's original configuration (grenade launcher removed) it's no longer C&R eligible

Plus, in Cali, the rifle has to be 50+ years old to have it shipped to your door, C&R license or not

Rob Jones
08-24-2006, 10:36 AM
Both of those cautions are true. In my example of the Russian SKS's on gunbroker.com, most (if not all) of the ones I saw earlier this AM would be ok - they had not been modified and they were older than 1956.


08-24-2006, 11:48 AM
Also, if you are feeling lucky, you can get a Yugo 59 from Century. They have u-fix-ums for about $60. The one I got was only missing the bayonet, other than that it looks very nice. Definately worth twice what I paid for it.

Could you post a link to these?



08-24-2006, 12:30 PM
Could you post a link to these?

You have to have a C&R on file with Century in order to get access to the dealer pricing. Without a dealer account you can't even see the prices on their website. Also I don't think the u-fix-ems are on the site, I've only seen them in their catalogs.

El Barto
08-24-2006, 2:13 PM
Hi Patriot,

As mentioned, the Century deals are "secret" in the sense that they aren't posted on their website. I get emails from David there with all of the hot deals. If you have a C&R send it to them and request to be put on their email list.

I talked to David this morning and the 59's are listed as being "good, incomplete" and he's got about 40 left. Be careful, you may get lucky like me and need minor things like a cleaning rod, or you could be missing everything but the receiver and barrel. About the only way to return these is if the barrel is bent.

If you are just waiting for your C&R, you might want to call and see (beg) if they can put one on hold until you can mail in your license.

If you miss out this time, just wait; there will be other deals at Century or Aim, but to take advantage of them make sure that they have a copy of your C&R beforehand. Oh, and keep a copy in your wallet.

I also forgot to mention that I got a 440 box of 7.62x54R from century for $25.

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08-24-2006, 4:00 PM
On a side note. JGSALES has Yugos for $90-$100 each. If you could find an out of state FFL that would be willing to quickly and cheaply cut off the glaunchers.

I would reccomend though that you find a good FFL, as few FFLs will offer $40-$45 for initial rate (not including dros) then $20-$25 each there after.

Find places that will allow this and at the end you could get a huge discount on a FFL fees and save maybe $35 per rifle the SKS save you a good $100 alone if you do it that way.