01-23-2011, 10:46 PM
Below are some pics of our new Addax Piston System prototypes.

The Prototypes are a bit rough compared to what we will actually produce, but I wanted to give you guys an idea of how simple our new Addax ESS Piston System is.

We have shot over 10k rounds in one of our prototypes (Patrol Carbine configuration) without any issues or stoppages to the piston system.

Overall we have just over 20k rounds combined through all of our 5 prototypes we have built.

We took our time testing and tweaking our design versus rushing out into the market.

My goal was to make our new piston system easy to use, simple, efficient, and robust.

There are 4 gas adjustment settings... 2 for sound suppressors, 1 for standard use, and 1 for adverse conditions.

More detailed pics will be posted as soon as we have our production parts back from coating.

Piston at full recoil

Part of the Piston head is retained inside the piston tube to keep the piston rod properly captured and aligned, and there is also a guide bushing inside the upper receiver to help keep the piston properly captured and aligned during operation.

The shoulder on the piston rod meets up with the barrel nut at its full recoil, but does not hammer against the barrel nut, since virtually all of the energy has already been spent pushing back the bolt carrier and unlocking the bolt.

The tail end of the piston rod rests against the bolt carrier, so when the piston system starts to push the piston rod back, the piston rod is pushing the carrier into operation vs. hammering the carrier into operation. This way of operation plus our one piece carrier with the over-sized pads on the back end of help to minimize carrier tilt.


Piston reset into the Piston Tube

As the carrier is pushed back into position by the buffer and buffer spring, the piston rod is pushed, and the piston head is reset back into the piston tube.


One of the Prototype Piston Rods with a special finish we tested


One of our Prototype One Piece Carriers with a Chrome Bolt


One of our early Prototype Patrol Carbine ZK Uppers