View Full Version : Plinking and new to cali

01-22-2011, 6:34 PM
Hi everyone -just moved here from canada about 2yrs ago but was just able to purchase a gun this year. Was wondering were I can go shoot it that is close to calabasas? I will be picking up my M&P 15 22 on wednesday and want to take it out for some fun

Thanks for your help

01-27-2011, 2:58 AM
i believe this should be moved to the New member forum?

Anyways I guess the closest place from Calabasas would be Angeles Shooting Range.... look it up in google maps.

Actually there is a closer place in Burbank but that's an indoor range... but if your M&P is a .22LR, they might let you shoot it.

I'm a newb also, I haven't been to those places myself... i found them on google maps by entering "Gun" :P