View Full Version : L.A. City Council to vote on making UOC illegal in City of L.A..

01-22-2011, 8:38 AM
Los Angeles City Council President and future mayoral hopeful Eric Garcetti made a motion on Friday to make UOC a misedmenor in the city of Los Angeles. They will discuss this and vote on Friday January 28. Perhaps Cal Guns and the Foundation should be present and heard.

Ironically, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich will be responsible for creating the ordinance the looks to be challenged by his former partner Chuck Michel. This should be entertaining. In this situation I'd bet on Chuck over Carmen.

L.A. considers ban on open carrying of firearms


So out of this will we get Shall issue CCW? I doubt that Leee Bacca would comply.

01-22-2011, 8:52 AM