View Full Version : Collector WWII Garand Bolts F/SOLD

01-22-2011, 4:54 AM
I am listing some of my collector parts for sale so I can use the funds to finish up a few other builds
If interested in purchasing bolts please PM me with name and address and "I'll take it"
Listed on other forums

Two very nice Garand bolts which look to be original finish. When I got these they were packed in cosmo.The finish is in very good condition with only alittle wear on the lugs and bolt face. No rust or pitting, they look to have been used very little.
Bolts are good canidates for if you are doing a restoration
First is a early bolt, D28287-2SA heat lot J8 which dates in 1941
$95.00SOLD shipped,Insurance extra if desired and must be asked for
Picture shows camera flash, not wear to park
D28287-19SA heat lot B-15 which dates in 1945
$80.00 SOLDshipped,insurance extra and must be asked for
Picture shows camera flash , not wear to park
If you have any questions just ask, Thanks