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08-21-2006, 1:03 PM
Here is the best status report yet on CMP rifles. It was posted today by Orest.

I hope all understand that CMP does not drive the train on what the Army may or may not transfer to us. If it is offered to us, we will accept it - but we cannot demand anything.

When Congress established us, it specified what model rifles could be transferred to the CMP. Since the Army will only transfer those rifles (or older) there is a finite number and eventually all those rifles will be sold and the CMP sales operation will cease to sell surplus rifles - and sometime later will cease to sell surplus ammo. there simply won't be any left to sell.

We will sell whatever we have until it runs out. We received 45,000 03s/A3s in 2002 - those are now almost gone. We received thousands of New in the box M12s and 541Xs in the 90s - those are gone. We still have thousands of Kimber model 82s and they should last another few years. This year we received JROTC .22 cal returns (about 2,00-3,000) and we will have those inspected and up for sale next spring - they may last 90 days.

We have accumulated about 2500 03s/A3s veteran organization returns and hope to have those for sale in the spring. These are the rifles that have been shooting blanks for the past 30 years.

Over the past 12 months we received from veterans organizations about 800 1917s. Those have all been inspected and are up for sale now. They may last till the end of the year. I don't expect to receive more than another 50-100 per year from now on.

We do have about 100-200 M1Ds and a few dozen M1Cs and maybe 200 Garands stamped NM. We will put all those up for sale within the next 3-9 months.

We have thousands of welded M1903 and M1903A3 drill rifles (welded). They are up for sale in our stores now and will be in the next catalog and on our website within 60 days.

We have a few hundred welded Garands - that we will put up for sale in the next few months.

We still have many thousands of Garands, but know that most will grade out in the lower grades (Field, rack, or even lower). Based on Garand sales trends, they should last another 2-4 years. About 2000-3000 of these are old Danish returns that we will work up in the next few months.

We have a dozen or so Krags (veteran org returns) and a pile of about 150 movie props (used in Rough Riders) that we will try to get on the auction over the next 12 months. Most of these are junk (with provenance).

There is nothing in the pipeline from the Army. We have not received a single rifle in the past six months and do not expect any -other than maybe more welded drill 1903s.

Lots of stuff overseas - but not declared sutrplus and no telling when it will be (if ever). We've had a good run and it is still going - let's keep our fingers crossed that more comes our way. If I was aware of anything in the pipeline, I wouldn't post here or anywhere until it was in our warehouse. Remember that loose lips sink ships - and the ship that sinks could be the one heading our way.

08-21-2006, 1:28 PM
Credit Card, will be ready to go.

JROTC .22 cal returns (about 2,00-3,000) and we will have those inspected and up for sale next spring - they may last 90 days.