View Full Version : if its not attachable is it detachable?

01-19-2011, 2:41 PM
if an ar-15 doesnt have a mag catch at all is a magazine truely detachable

if its is only held in place by a human hand and falls free when released

i am positive this is not a fixed magazine

but how can it really be detachable if it was never attached

the law i believe says capable of accepting a "detachable magazine"

but the law seems to be able to make the "detachable magazine" a "fixed magazine" if it needs a tool to be removed

i guess i am a tad confused on the grammar like if one were to take the mag out of a bullet button build is that a "fixed magazine" or a "detachable magazine"

i guess its like the forrest gump saying stupid is as stupid does

but a stupid person doing something smart may have just been coincidence

01-19-2011, 2:51 PM
If it doesn't take a tool to remove, it's a detachable magazine per regulatory definition.

"Attachable" and "detachable" legal status are decoupled and separate: one doesn't determine the other, and attachable is not a legal criterion for determination of AW status

A mag catch-less OLL AR will have the "capacity to accept a detachable magazine" since no tool is required to remove it, and the gun can operate, at least in a half assed fashion, with the mag held in by hand.

I wiss this thread would go away. Legal mag status is not determine by a poll, and some noob will read someone's invalid comment and get into trouble making assumptions.