View Full Version : Trijicon ECOS 4x32 + Red dot (Flat dark earth in color) Like new!

01-19-2011, 2:19 PM
About 8 months old, I had this mounted and shot one on my SCAR other than that it sits in the safe on my Sig 556 which is coming up for sale now.

It was an insane pain in the *** to find the green reticle version which this is and it has a nice clear reticle as well.

Paid $1660 (this is the model that has DUAL ARMS quick detach mounts and is freaking SOLID)

Will sell for $1450 shipped/insured and if it's not gone in a day or two I will keep it and sell an aimpoint micro or eotech I only need 2 high end optics and ive got 3,this being the most expensive.

I sold my compact acog and the guy had to have the pelican case/box and the only one I could find was the box this came in, since I never thought i'd be selling it I said what the heck, i've asked that calgunner if I can buy it back (they don't cost much and frankly once you get it your probably not going to store it in a box)regardless im working on getting it back.

It's 100% authentic, I can probably dig up the reciept or you can reference serial #'s with Trijicon, I hope my feedback will make you comfortable enough and im more than happy to do FTF and I will deduct -$20 for that.

I will have pics up of my Sig Swat with the Ecos mounted on in the private firearms section in just a few if you need pics of the actual unit but here it is :