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01-17-2011, 7:47 PM
Hey guys,

I'm just starting to learn about reloading and getting my bench together. I was wondering if any reload gurus here have any insight on loading for a Browning BAR in 30-06 (1960's). I have heard a few different things so I thought I'd try here.

I have some telling me I should start with a 168 grain bullet with a lighter load because it is a gas operated semi-auto. My reload manual also recommends the 168 grain for semi-autos. On the other hand I have someone recommending 200 grain with a lighter load because I will mostly be hunting boar. The 200 grain will produce the greater muzzle energy needed for bigger pigs.

What are your thoughts. I am ready to go, minus the bullets. I will be using IMR 4895 powder.

01-17-2011, 11:02 PM
Get the current Sierra reloading manual. There is a big section on all the ins and outs of autoloading rifle ammunition. Things I never even thought of are now in the front of my mind regarding this special niche of reloading.

01-17-2011, 11:41 PM
I have loaded for a 30-06 BAR as well as other semi-auto and pump 30-06. You may need small base dies if you have cycling problems with reg dies. IMR4895 is a good powder. You do not need a 200gr bullet for any pig. We have taken many and lost none with 150-165 gr bullets. Both lead and non-lead. For lead "I" prefer a Nosler PAR or a bonded(such as Hornady) bullet but have friends who use reg Sierria/Hornady etc bullets with good results.

If needed a non-lead bullets we have used Barnes 150gr(and I want to try 130gr) Tipped triple shock bullets. The Hornady 150gr non-lead bullet is another I want to try and should work well. Remember with non-lead bullets you want to push them as fast as possible to get expansion. That would be hard to do in a 30-06 with a 200gr bullet of any type.