View Full Version : Remington 522 Speedmaster

01-16-2011, 9:45 PM
I recently acquired an older model Remington 522 Speedmaster rifle with a scope on it. It is a unique style and I don't know much about them. The barrel code dates it at 1960-61. It is in pretty good condition but was not stored properly and has the beginning of some minor pitting on the barrel. I was able to clean it up pretty good. I have not shot it yet. The stock is in very good condition.

Can anyone tell me more about this rifle? Quality? Value? Reliability?

Not sure if it will stay in my collection or not, or if I will pass it on to my grandkids. I'm partial to 10/22's and Marlin 60's.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

01-17-2011, 8:43 AM
The remington 522 speedmaster is a great gun. I works good for lefties as there is a shell deflector on the receiver. Great gun, great quality and it holds 15 rounds. Definately a keeper. First gun I learned to shoot with and very accurate.