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08-15-2006, 2:20 PM
I received the following from Dirk Seeley of the Coalinga Rifle Club:

"Currently, Mike Barranco and I are the only members of the CRPA High Power Committee. On the back cover of the August edition of The Firing Line is your ballot for the upcoming election of members of the Sanctioned Activity Committees (High Power, Pistol, Smallbore, etc.).

Mike and I are endorsing Larry Parker and Shawn McKenna for the HP positions. Both are active High Power competitors who we know and feel that we can work well with on the committee.

Traditionally, few people take the time to vote in these elections. Competitive shooters have a reputation as being uninvolved in CRPA affairs. Often the candidates run unopposed. This election there are four people running for two positions. Even if you have no interest in the other elected positions, please take the time to vote for High Power Committee members. The ballots need to be in the CRPA office by August 25 so please do it today.


Dirk Seeley and Mike Barranco."

The CRPA could use more input from those of us who shoot competively, and here are a couple shooters who will undoubtedly work hard to improve the shooting sports for all of us. I hope my copy of "The Firing Line" is in the mailbox. Please go vote !

08-15-2006, 2:27 PM
I will vote for both since both Dirk and Mike endorse them.

It's also nice that McKenna works in the industry.

08-15-2006, 9:33 PM
Got the email. Dang, now I've got to find my copy of the newsmag under all my shooting stuff so I can vote.

08-15-2006, 10:47 PM
Heh, I started to panic and did a mad-man rummage and drove the wife crazy.

I found it though. ;)

08-16-2006, 9:59 AM
I've had the pleasure of meeting and shooting with Larry Parker at several 1000 yard matches, and you won't find a harder working person that promotes the sport of Highpower shooting.At several 1000 yard practice shoots, he spent all day coaching new shooters and didn't fire a round himself.