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08-14-2006, 7:59 PM
These are the rules we all agreed to when we joined this forum, they still apply today.
As some of you have noticed Admin is restructuring the Forum to be more in line with it's beginnings, as a discussion group to share ideas and info in a polite and friendly enviroment. in keeping with that I am posting a simple reminder of the rules.

By registering on calguns.net you are agreeing to abide by the following:
a)Please stay on topic in all forums.
b)No multiple registrations.
c)No spamming(solicitation of goods unrelated to calguns.net that are
unwanted by users),trolling,flaming or other personal attacks. You may
disagree with other posters but please keep it clean and civil.
d)No profanity or otherwise uncivilized behavior.
e)Calguns.net reserves the right at our discretion to lock or delete posts
and ban members. At most you will get one chance.
f)No posting information that can be construed to be illegal, firearm
related or not.
g)Calguns.net administrators,moderators are gun enthusiasts who offer
individual opinions only. Opinions on this site can never take the place of
firearms training and real expertise. We do not teach proficiency in regards
to firearms use,reloading ammunition, gunsmithing or firearms modification.
Proceed solely at your own risk.

02-21-2008, 9:12 PM
Since there has been a rash of these and with the elections looming I think it's time to remind everyone of one aspect of the rules, rule 3 to be exact.

The clever little nicknames used for Hillary, Obama, McCain, Kerry, Bush etc. are neither helpful nor allowed. While I understand that we have politicians that we dislike, distrust or just think are crooks, calling them names like 'Hitlery' 'Obama-sama' or 'the Manchurian Candidate' does not serve any positive purpose.

Frankly it makes us look a bit foolish and childish, not an image that we need to project.

Because of this and as a reminder I wanted to draw your attention to this part of Rule 3:

Non-Second Amendment political discussion will be kept civil, polite and respectful just as Second Amendment political discussion has been expected to be. Sarcastic or insulting terms or images used in regards to elected officials will not be allowed. It doesn’t matter if it is Bush, Clinton, Cheney, Pelosi or our own State Senators, the clever names and sarcastic comments do not make us look anything other than childish. You do not have to respect the person but we expect you to respect the Office. If you can not your post will be removed, repeated removals will cause your account to be closed.

Thank you.