View Full Version : Current changes to the site.

08-14-2006, 6:59 PM
There has been some recent changes to the forum. It seems that there are those out there that continually disregard good manners and common sense when coming to this site.
This is a problem and a concern.

The forum will remain closer to its beginning and be used for discussion. It cannot be everything to everyone, so it will not.
I hate to bring up personal matters, but I want to make people understand. My father was recently diagnosed with a rare bone cancer. This is my top priority at this time. Worrying about what people post from day to day is not. I'm sure you understand. My family comes first.

It has come to the point lately where the only reason to show up here is to correct what people post. This is hard to keep doing when there are other important concerns in life. Folks if it comes to the point that I need to close the site I will have to. That hasn't happened yet though.
I'm just making sure people are informed.
Thanks for your understanding.