View Full Version : You've already helped improve the Members' Councils

08-13-2006, 6:19 PM
First, Ed Worley and Paul Payne thank you for your efforts working with NRA. They tell me that frequently.

And I want to thank those here that have used our NRA California Members' Councils volunteer page...
...identified their local MC and it's monthly meeting time & place, attended the meeting and became part of our army on the ground. You've already helped improve some issues with at least one MC. Nothing serious but something that was just not "right". One of you great folks (and you know who you are) joined an MC and on the first volunteer event you showed up for, ran into a wall and worked with us to straighten it out. You really helped prevent problems in the future. And - you were discreet, clearly caring more about finding a solution than making hay about it on public forums. The MC is now a better MC and I call that the definition of teamwork.

I guess you calguns.net folks just improve whatever you join, eh? :-)

That's the thing about the Members' Councils... one has to remember that every man jack is a volunteer. The process works best when everyone finds what they do best and pitches in. It's a place where real leadership opportunities exist for those that fit the bill, but even if you just want to help with the phone tree or stuff meeting invitations, it's somewhere where you can take real ownership of a part of an organized effort with NRA members around you. Think your local Assemblyman/Senator/County Supe/City Council/Sheriff/Police Chief/etc... doesn't know they have an NRA Members' Council in their area?

Of course, occasionally, you run into the realities of good folks who have their own lives, their own problems. Some MCs are big and organized, others are smaller and are just getting their wind. But whichever is your local MC, they need you to help figure out whatever problems they run into (like the real hero among you did). I haven't wanted to join a softball team even once since I joined the MCs. (And that may or may NOT be a selling point :-)

Anyway, to those that have, thanks for helping out the Members' Councils - my fellow MC members!