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01-12-2011, 2:56 PM
Fellow Calgunners -

I'm selling a LNIB FFP Falcon Optics Menace 4-14X 44mm 0.1 mil scope with the EMD (Enhanced Mildot) reticle combined with a pair of LN Seekins LOWS. The Falcon has the newer generation three screw turrets and a square, uncanted reticle. The tube has no marks on it at all and is the one-piece tube. Also included are the original Sunshades (1.5" and 3.0"), box and documentation, plus Front and Rear Butler Creek Flip Opens. The Falcon works very well on my INSANE custom MOA 10/22, but I prefer the ML16 reticle.

There is one defect with this scope that does not affect function whatsoever: There is a partial fingerprint on the inside of one of the lenses on the Objective end (with the scope held upright the fingerprint is at 10:00 when viewed from the Objective end. It IS NOT VISIBLE WHEN LOOKING THROUGH THE SCOPE FROM THE OCULAR END, and I never would have noticed it except that I removed the Sunshade to check the objective for scratches.

Also, it is only visible if you remove the Sunshade and hold the scope up in bright light. The photos below were shot in full sunlight and I purposely reflected the sunlight off of the "fingerprint" to exaggerate it. Anything else you see on the glass is dust.

$485.00 $450.00 SHIPPED FIRM (Lower 48 States) or $430.00 FTF CASH at ASR. The only trades I am interested in are a Falcon 4-14X 44mm MIL ML16 and 34mm NEAR Manufacturing 1.0" Rings. U.S. POSTAL MONEY ORDER ONLY PLEASE. Please do not post trade offers here - PM me with them. TIA for your consideration.

If someone doesn't want the rings I'll sell the scope separately for $370.00 shipped & Insured or $350.00 FTF at ASR, and the Seekins Rings for $120.00 shipped & Insured or $110.00 FTF at ASR. Shipping to Lower 48 States ONLY.

Falcon Optics 4-14X 44mm 0.1 MIL w/EMD (Enhanced Mildot) Reticle:

Falcon Optics 4-14X 44mm Ojective Lens. Note "fingerprint":

Falcon Optics 4-14X 44mm Ocular Lens:


01-12-2011, 2:57 PM
More photos...


Seekins 30mm LOW Rings:


01-20-2011, 6:51 AM
Bump for split sale of Falcon 4-14X 44mmm MIL EMD and Seekins 30mm LOW Rings.