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01-12-2011, 12:59 PM
Just got an e-mail from MidSouth with this.

http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=t6kw7ieab&v=001S22Ky2nkF8ZUEmPqyVrifav5ptvai09_xM5aYkQkeaM0V d-QR2HH8r_0BuIhfO5Iy-bLiPTA3DALtS54F1KsP_DJw4Fcrz1sbwDG2AKLJRPd7I_cZjw1 6g%3D%3D

- Phil

01-12-2011, 1:05 PM
Same here, also got one from Grafs. Grafs provided a link to what they refer to as handgun ammo and I presume this is what they shall use to define handgun ammo (rimfire listed separately) with respect to 962:


Note this is a listing of their definition of "centerfire" handgun ammo only, they reference rimfire ammo separately.

01-12-2011, 1:27 PM
Just got that one from MidSouth also. This has been nagging in the back of my mind for a while:

As of now, this bill does not include handgun reloading components,