View Full Version : Ruger 10 22 usst race rifle question

01-10-2011, 8:02 PM
Hey guys,
I was planning on getting a Ruger race rifle the 2012 usst. My question is, is this considered a target rifle because I really wanted to use stingers in this..

Thanks In Advance

01-11-2011, 5:27 AM
Maxx, if the barrel has a "match" or Bentz chamber, Stingers are not recommended due to the casing leingth. Stinger casings are about 1/8" longer than regular 22 long rifle casings and can possibly engage in the rifling in battery. There is a variety of great ammo for the same price that shoots remarkably well. Look into Wolf or SK and for the price, it's tough to beat the groupings you'll get for that price.

01-11-2011, 7:09 AM
Thanks, the guy at the store told me that it had the same barrel as the target 10 22( blk version with bipod), so its the barrel that will hinder me from using the stingers?