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01-09-2011, 10:09 PM
Complete newbie to black powder.....Having said that....

OK....got my sights on one of these (like Wild Bill). Did the search thing and have come to the conclusion Uberti is the way to go. Questions...

Is Uberti the way to go?

Any shops in the Sacto/Stockton/Modesto area have these?

Good internet sites to buy from (cheap)?

What accessories do you black powder shooters recommend for a newbie?


01-09-2011, 10:30 PM
Dixie Gun Works has Pietta 1851s on sale for $185. I picked up one for under $200 including shipping, arrived in 3 days. Great gun, very accurate (tight touching groups at 15 yards) with FFFg and round balls.

Cabelas has them on sale also for about $200 or so, and also the 1860 Army. Both are made by Pietta, and very high quality.

Personally I think the 1860 Army functions a bit better when handling cap fragments, but the Navy is a smooth shooter too. It's just a matter of historical preference as to which you get. Also, the 1860 Army has bigger grips, so if you have big hands (as I do) the 1860 grip frame is a bit more comfortable.

You will greatly enjoy either gun. Here is a range report I did on the 1860 Army:

Also, make sure to get a steel frame gun. The brass frame guns tend to wear out (frame stretching) with extended use.