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08-08-2006, 5:00 PM
Hi all! I just got my first real ( Norinco trench don't count!) shotgun. I picked up a Remington Wingmaster 870 for $200.00, it is beautiful! I could not pass up the price! I am mainly a rifle guy and not famillar with shotguns too much. So.. I'd like to turn it into a tactical style. Any recommened places to get a 18" bbl, stock, foregrip, etc.? :confused: Thanks !

08-08-2006, 11:24 PM
if you want a pistol grip stock the reduces recoil try the Knoxx specops stock got mine from islandtactical.com something like 112 with free shipping.
forgrip try midwayusa or browells can also get a sidesaddle from their also i think midway has the tacstar one onsale right now.
weee have fun!

08-09-2006, 9:40 AM

guess they had a issue.