View Full Version : EVO time bug?

01-07-2011, 4:40 PM
In the last 2 days, when I set my alarm to ring at 5:00 PM, my EVO doesn't ring. I note that the "current" time is incorrect. The phone resets to London time instead of Pacific Time. I find out London time is added to my list of other time zones I keep track of. When I try to delete it, London does not appear in the list of time zones I keep track of, and therefore cannot delete it. Checking on time home settings, I've got Automatic checked on it that sets the time based on "network provided values." The only way I can restore my time zone is to untick the Automatic and manually choose Pacific Time again. I've had some recent updates on the apps I have but this annoyance has not happened in the past. I feel hesitant to use the alarm now for important appointments for fear that it would switch on me and cause me to miss because of the changed time. Did I pick up a bug somehow? Has anyone else encountered this problem? Any suggestions on what to do or resources I can check out to fix it and make it time reliable again? Thanks in advance.

01-07-2011, 7:36 PM
My EVO went funky a few days back, was showing Lupongo or something like that for local time. I pulled the battery and rebooted it and it's and working good so far.