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01-07-2011, 2:33 PM
I fish in on the levees in sherman island rio vista area sometimes at night.Im wondering if i can UOC/LOC or CC in this area.

Im not grasping the whole exemption to the concealed weapons law for hunters and fisherman.

I rather LOC than CC unloaded. PLEASE:confused: HELP

01-07-2011, 2:46 PM
Lots-O-info here: http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=123231

The answer is that it depends on where you are, exactly.

01-07-2011, 2:55 PM
Yea read that thread several times and im still confused. So lets say sherman island levee rd, as the exact spot.Google maps http://maps.google.com Sherman Island Levee Road, Rio Vista, CA

01-07-2011, 3:07 PM
Check for yourself, and take this for just what it is, "internet advise".

That's looks to be an unincorporated area, if it is, (you need to be sure) you can carry concealed (loaded) while you are fishing, and not up on the roadway.

That's my assesment.

01-07-2011, 3:09 PM
Doug, thank you sir, for your help.

Any others feel free to chime in as well. All opinions and knowledge welcome.

Thanks again.

01-07-2011, 8:45 PM
It looks like CDFG Controls that area. The monster strippers are around there, 20 years ago we were catching 20 to 40 ponders at this time of year, the big ones bit on shad. I was always armmed when I fished there, but things change, call dfg, here's the SI link;



01-07-2011, 9:11 PM
you talk too much... thought i was the only one who knew about the pipeline.. lol

01-07-2011, 9:31 PM
Hey thukidad, I edited that location out for you, sorry. Now all you have to do is edit that part out of that quote you posted or delete that quote.

HH and Good Luck

01-08-2011, 5:49 AM
Are you kidding me?trying to hide fishing spots?lmao how lame...

There monsters all over the delta, no need to be greedy. Thanks tony270. Thukidad don't worry YOUR spot is all yours. Haha

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01-09-2011, 6:33 AM
Nailed a decent stripie stripe on sat... Pics to follow!!!

01-09-2011, 7:15 AM
It looks like CDFG Controls that area.

If he's fishing where I think he is, I don't think that's in the "Lower Sherman Island Wildlife Area (see page 39 of .pdf [or other maps in doc]).

There's very little shore fishing access in the LSIWA.


But I have always been interested in any case law on this exemption:

"The prohibition from carrying a concealed handgun does not apply to licensed
hunters or fishermen while engaged in hunting or fishing, or while going to or
returning from the hunting expedition (PC section 12027)."

Page 36 here:

As cited earlier...

01-09-2011, 2:43 PM
haha.. never tried to hide fishing spot.. i welcome all fisherman to head out a case a few line in the water..