View Full Version : if you haven't yet, please cross-post the NRA DOJ alert

08-07-2006, 2:42 PM
I'm sure many have done this already, but if you are members of other forums, it would be a good time to heavily cross-post NRA's DOJ alert of 8/4:

If you'de rather, you can even boost calguns.net's traffic by linking to this thread about it:

This is the time to engage everyone you know. Just over a week from now it will too late - the opportunity will have passed.

Between DOJ's shenanigansand the legislature's AB 2714, SB 59 and especially AB 352, waking up your gun-club/range/show buddies this year wouldn't hurt a bit. Go ahead, be a little bit of a pain in defense of the Second Amendment (after all, it protects those do-nothings too), just be a respectful pain and some will get the message and get involved like us. And that's all you can ever hope to wake up - just some.

So please think of a new way to spread this alert. Everytime the anti's try to step on us, it's another recruiting opportunity for our side. And cashing in on that chip today can mean winning another battle next year.

PLEASE DISTRIBUTE NRA'S ALERT. Thanks. Your friendly pain,


08-07-2006, 2:48 PM
Oh, I just thought I'd add that even for the legislature battles, there are only a few more weeks left. WE NEED EVERY GUN-OWNER INVOLVED NOW!

Your painfulness,