View Full Version : Why not more advertising

08-07-2006, 9:48 AM
From the various companies that sell stuff that we like to buy. . .DD's Ranch, CWS, 10%, the guys making the grips, etc. Would also be a way of generating sales of lowers without the "guns for sale" forums. . . ?

08-08-2006, 9:33 AM
i am surprised to see that there isnt more advertising. advertising is an excellent way to generate revenue for the site....especially if the business' that are advertising are the ones which we all know (mentioned in previous post). just take a look at ar15.com. you have some major companies advertising there. if Kalifornia is sucking the country dry of lowers, Kalifornia is also in need of peripheral AR components. therefore, any type of advertising will be successful for 1) the website 2) the vendor. plus, it adds a certain amount of "credibility" to the site. its one thing to say "this is who we are." its another thing to say "this is who we are and this is who supports us." ...more food for thought :)