View Full Version : is there anyone i can PM for my letter to the DOJ

08-05-2006, 2:37 AM
I would like to ask if anyone i can PM my letter i would like to send to the DOJ. I can only e-mail but would like a letter to be sent. i'm not the greatest letter writer so it may not be great but i want to be counted in the amount of letters they recieve.

let me know if i can PM anyone my letter.


lets kick their butts in this one guys we can do it.:D

08-05-2006, 6:23 AM
I don't understand what you are asking for?

08-05-2006, 8:24 AM
more or less a proof read i'm not a great letter writer in this area. i should have included that in the original post. DOH!

08-05-2006, 9:32 AM
Why not just post it here Chris? That way we can all bash you:D j/k that way we can all benifit from the input of the other members to you letter.:)

08-05-2006, 9:37 AM
Also, I have been collecting info from other members and this might help you out.
From reading the judges opinion on Harrott vs County of Kings, the judge stated what the intent of the AW law, and what the DOJ is suppose to do. The judge stated that the intent of the law was to have a list that anyone would know what an assault weapon is. This way the public would not be subject to illegal search and seizers by the police because the police did not know what is an AW. By changing the regulations they are going in the opposite direction that the judge said what the intent of the law was. By changing the regulations they are only adding more confusion to what is an assault weapon. If they keep going down this path, they will make the law even more unenforceable.

My wife works for a federal agency that works with the State of California on regulatory issues. She deals with these comment periods all the time. Her advice to me on how to make an impression:

Flood them with letters. Even if you can only send a generic letter that someone posts here and you SIGN and SEND. They have to tally and take all correspondence into consideration. Multiple letters have the “weight effect.” They cannot just throw them away. Send certified if you are worried about this.

If you are like me, send a personal letter, but follow this general format. Letters should have several parts to give them more gravity.

1. Introduction (I object, I concur with the point being made,
2. You credentials/qualifications (sportsman, law abiding, etc)
3. Short and succinct points of objection, use bullet points,
Ex. Unclear to what the intent the change is, Intent is unsupported, history of issue, why promulgation of change now, legislation does not support this change, what effect will this have regarding the intent of the legislation, I fear it and why, Goal of legislation does not support what the change will achieve.
4. Propose alternatives. (Just for this issue, not all of ugly gun law)

Sorry I dont have the name to give credit to poster but this seemed helpfull and had good guidlines. Also you want to stick to the point which is changing the ruling from tool to permanent.

08-05-2006, 9:56 AM
Ya know what is moronic about this whole hearing BS.

They created a law we follow the law. They didn't as they were supost to relist via the Harrot decision correct ?

Now since we are following the law they feel a need to change it.

It must have been too easy

We did what they asked. we used the law as it was written and locked our 10 round mags in place.

Now as the memo that they put out didn't phaze anyone as we know what the law is and a unsigned un dated memo does not constute law they got bent and figured they had to do something to fix our wagons ?

Does anyone else understand it this way or am I way off base here ?