View Full Version : MPA mini 9mm

01-04-2011, 8:24 PM
Just wanted to check if you guys have the Master Piece Arms mini 9mm side charger w/ scope mount and how much they run for. Would also like an extra 2 Tapco 35 rd. rebuild kits if yall can get those.

01-05-2011, 10:09 AM
I don't have on the shelf but it would only take a couple days to get.

01-05-2011, 4:12 PM
Cool how much for the pistol and 2 extra Tapco mag rebuilds?

01-14-2011, 12:32 PM
Mike, I sent you a PM

I just ordered 1000 rounds of 9mm for my Birthday present... now I just have to buy the other part of the present to use all that 9mm... LOL :D

Thanks for the quick reply
I'm looking forward to coming into the store next weekend, it's always a pleasure