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01-03-2011, 10:19 AM
Can anyone report on how well CMMG 22lr drop-in conversion for AR15 (http://cmmginc.secure-mall.com/item/CMMG-Stainless-Steel-.22-Conversion-Kit-with-Magazine-1481) works?




Also does anyone sell the stainless version shown in the link above either without the magazine or with a CA-legal 10-round magazine?

How do the results attained compare to their dedicated uppers? Using this type of conversion would allow me to use one of my existing weapons with all of its accessories and not move anything back and forth or spend the money to duplicate equipment for a dedicated 22lr rifle.

Has anyone used both?

01-03-2011, 11:01 AM
I've got the Stainless Steel Spike's Conversion, which is virtually identical. If i'm using CCI ammo then there are very few issues, however any kind of bulk ammo seems to be hit or miss with them. I've gotten some strange jams with federal, and wouldn't even think of trying Remington Golden in it. Overall they are very fun for plinking, not the most accurate, but depends on the twist rate of your upper. Can still plink a can pretty easily at 50yds.

01-03-2011, 12:40 PM
With all due respect, the CMMG kit is not identical to Spikes nickel plated one.

The CMMG stainless kit has the firing pin retained by a cotter pin for easy removal. This helps when the firing pin channel needs to be cleaned out.
The extractor is pinned the same way an AR bolt is. It can be pushed out without the need of a hammer and punch.
The CMMG kit has live round extraction and is optimized for the bolt hold open actuator.
Options include a forward assist, go/no go gage built into the chamber adapter.
You can get a drop in BHOA for last shot hold open capability, even after the mag is removed.

I have used my kit's in every AR I have from 7.5", 10.5" 11.5", and 16" bull barrel. 1/7, 1/8, 1/9 twist.

With a 1/9 twist you will get about 2"-2.5" at 50 yards using Winchester 550 Bulk. A little better with CCI Mini Mags.

No spring cutting, tweaking or any modifications need to be made for different rifles or pistols.

It's the most reliable kit I've tested.
I have close to 1000 rounds on one kit with 3 FTE's out of the first mag. Nothing after that.

My dedicated upper has about 8000 rounds on it. Again, so reliable you forget about it.
Accuracy from it is about 1/2 of the conversion.
Winchester 550 Bulk gave me 1.7" at 50 yards. Eley XSP .807 with a 4 x scope.

The most impressive feature to me about either one is reliability. Both have been outstanding.
Here is a link to a review I did on the M4 LE Quebec

01-03-2011, 7:02 PM
ive had zero issues with my spikes kit (3000 or so rounds of fed bulk)... couldnt tell you how accurate it is cuz im not at all accurate...

started messing around with a buddies ccmg kit this weekend.. 200 rounds of cci with no issues (fast as we can pull the trigger).. again no clue how accurate it is but we were enjoying making a can dance around at 50 yards with irons...