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01-01-2011, 12:39 PM
Has anyone removed their mag disconnect yet? If so did you notice any difference ? People are saying that there has been light primer strikes ,and by removing the disconnect it helps solve the issue! I have 4 mags for my SR9C ,and one of them was causing light primer strikes ,no round in that mag would fire . I looked over my mags and noticed the one with the issue was rounded more on the rear corner where the mag would ride the disconnect ,so i removed it . have not shot it yet was wondering if anyone has had this or heard of this problem.



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01-01-2011, 7:41 PM
I haven't experienced this with any of our SR9 or SR9c guns. It sounds more like a magazine-out-of-spec issue to me. I'd be interested to know if removing the disco "fixes" the problem, though.

01-01-2011, 7:47 PM
First if you haven't I suggest you take out your striker and thoroughly clean it and the channel. Check all the parts while you have it apart. Unfortunately some of the SR9c's have had a weak striker spring if taking out your mag disconnect out and a thorough cleaning doesn't work call Ruger and talk to them they will fix it, just don't forget to put your mag disconnect back in.

01-01-2011, 7:58 PM
First thing I did to my SR9 before I even shot it was pull that stupid magazine disconnect. If you dry fire with the mag out it will kill your firing pin very quickly. Pull it out, takes 3 seconds, then dry fire away. Mag or no mag. Your trigger will also be smoother. As for the light primer strikes, that's not a related problem. Probably due to a dirty striker channel. SR9's don't like ANY lube in there. Keep it clean and dry as possible. I switched to a Ghost 3.5, polished the internals, and cut two coils off my striker spring. My trigger was super lite, crisp, no creep, and I still had hard primer strikes. I sold that gun, and I wish I didn't now.

01-01-2011, 8:54 PM
Thanks guys ! I forgot to mention that the mag that had an issue also caused the trigger to feel a little different than the other 3 mags i have.Now with the mag disconnect removed the trigger feels the same with all 4 mags .I think ill go to the range tomorrow and try it out again.

01-02-2011, 6:55 PM
Taking the mag disconnect out solved the problem! now all the mags work great ,and the trigger has improved .

01-02-2011, 8:46 PM
How easy is it to remove the mag disconnect?

Bill Steele
01-02-2011, 8:58 PM
Takes about 5 minutes.

The youtube video showing how to do it takes about three times longer.