View Full Version : Sign and Mail CCW App?

01-01-2011, 10:25 AM
I apologize if this has been covered multiple times, but my searches were coming up empty.

If you are going to mail in the Standard Application for CCW, do you sign ahead of time in the Public Disclosure section, Section 6, or Section 8 of the App? Or do you send it in unsigned and wait for the interview? Each of these areas have lines for Witness Signatures.

Thank you for your time.

Edit: Despite my handle, I now reside in El Dorado County. Sorry for any confusion.

01-01-2011, 10:30 AM
IIRC I didn't sign anything until I was in front of Amber.

01-01-2011, 10:47 AM

Thank you for the reply. I'm pretty sure that the process is the same despite being in El Dorado county.

01-01-2011, 2:53 PM
I'm not in El Dorado County, but our package had a cover letter explaining what to do.

There were pages on the application that said they were to be signed in front of a witness/interviewer but the cover letter said ignore this and sign then anyway.

Which is what I did.

Seem like a phone call to the sheriff's office should clear this up