View Full Version : Storage and Insurance Fees on PPT at Bay Area Gun Vault

12-31-2010, 3:37 PM
I'm wondering if these fees are legal:


"Any additinoal (SIC) long gun transfer is $10 plus $15 storage and insurance.

Any additional handgun is $15 plus $15 storage and insurance.
Storage and insurance charged after the 10th day.
$5 per day with $15 charged on the 11th day."

12-31-2010, 3:42 PM
PPTs are $35...plainly stated in the law, no other fees may be charged...period, end of story...they are committing a misdemeanor if they charge anything more...period, end of story.

From CA PC 12082:

The purchaser or transferee or
person being loaned the firearm may be required by the dealer to pay
a fee not to exceed ten dollars ($10) per firearm, and no other fee
may be charged by the dealer for a sale, loan, or transfer of a
firearm conducted pursuant to this section, except for the applicable
fees that may be charged pursuant to Sections 12076, 12076.5, and
12088.9 and forwarded to the Department of Justice, and the fees set
forth in Section 12805.