View Full Version : Opinions for CCW: Glock 30sf vs Ruger SP 101

12-31-2010, 2:59 AM
Which would be a better CCW weapon?

I'm just looking for reliability and conceal-ability after I get my Las Vegas CCW. Thanks.

12-31-2010, 5:45 AM
The way I see it, both are solid choices and I would bet my life on either one for reliability. The advantage of the Glock 30, in my opinion, is that you have a larger round and greater capacity of 10 (or 13 rounds if you're one of the lucky ones who have preban magazines) vs. the sp101's capacity of 5 rounds in .357 mag or 6 rounds in .327 fed mag. I would also consider how quick I was able to drop and feed a magazine vs. reloading the cylinder of a wheel gun with moon clips, if need be. On the other hand, the Ruger could likely be concealed better than the bulky slide of the G30 at least during Summer time conceal carry. I was surprised at how much smaller the sp101 was compared to the gp100. If I were able to CCW and could comfortably carry my G30sf and do it without imprinting then it would be my gun of choice between the two. Do you own both or are you looking for a CCW gun?

12-31-2010, 6:08 AM
I do not own either. I am currently in the market for a known reliable piece.

I don't expect to carry often, but would like to have something reliable and have a proven track record.

B Strong
12-31-2010, 6:11 AM
Apples and oranges.

Which platform do you feel more comfortable with/have more experience with?

Are you recoil sensitive?

What type of clothing do you generally wear?

What is your level of training with either firearm?

12-31-2010, 6:23 AM
I have a SP101 and Glock 36. After going back and forth a couple years ago between the Glock 30SF and the Glock 36 for CCW purposes, I chose the Glock 36 and am very happy with it.

I would have to say the SP101 is one of my favorite guns. It's very accurate, well made and just feels good to hold. I smoothed up the internals on it and changed the mainspring to a Wolffe spring that is a couple pounds lighter. After shooting it quite a bit, it's a joy to both target practice with and just plink around. I have no doubt that I can be accurate with it and it comes up to a natural point of aim that just feels right for me. It conceals very naturally and comfortably IWB with a good belt and holster. I changed the stock grip to a Hogue grip. It's a little longer than the stock one but not as square. Either grip is comfortable though. Reliability for my SP101 is at 100%. I have shot it with factory .357 and .38 as well as reload .357 and .38special. I would highly recommend the SP101 as a CCW gun.

I chose the Glock 36 over the Glock 30SF because the 36 is easily more concealable than the 30. The 30SF may hold 4 more rounds but to me, concealability and comfort while carrying outweighs the advantage of those 4 rounds. Besides, I practice enough to feel confident that I can hit something I shoot at with 6 or 7 rounds. My Glock 36 has been totally reliable and I have shot approximately a couple thousand rounds out of it. Both the G30SF and G36 are comfortable to hold but the 30SF is noticeably thicker than the 36. I thought of trying to conceal the fat 30SF with just a T-shirt in warm weather and that made my decision for me. I'm sure there are those who conceal a Glock 30 but it is definitely easier to conceal the G36.

I can't really say which is better for you for CCW between the Sp101 or the Glock 30SF. I would say without a doubt for me, that I would choose the Sp101 out of the two for it's simple operation, quality and ease of concealment. Choosing between the SP101 and G36 is about a tie. They are both great CCW choices. I would probably side with the revolver though personally because I just like revolvers and most will never let you down. Plus, revolvers don't eject their empty cases everywhere when being fired. I would have to say that the best decision would be to get both. Good luck.

Mac Attack
12-31-2010, 6:36 AM
I have a G30 and it is one of my primary carry guns. It has been ultra reliable and boringly accurate. Its small enough not to take up a lot of space in my pants for IWB carry or not so bulky for OWB carry. Its heavy enough that I know its there and packs 11 rounds of .45 ACP. Another plus is the fact that I can also use G21mags.

I don't have a SP101 but I have a S&W 22-4 revolver and like revolvers. However reloading and carrying reloads for revolvers is no as easy as an auto.

I would go with a G30 over the 101.

12-31-2010, 7:35 AM
I have had both a G30 and a G26 on my permit, but have never owned, or carried a Ruger SP101, although I have shot one at the range. Comparing revolvers to autos is almost like comparing a cruiser to a sport bike. Both are motorcycles, but that's about it. Just for information, the G30 is just about the same size as a G19/G23 or a S&W J frame. Currently I have a G23 and the S&W 640 on my permit. A loaded G23 (14 rounds of 180 gr) weighs 33 ounces and a loaded S&W 640 (5 rounds of 180 gr) weighs 27 ounces. The S&W 640 is easy to manage recoil because of the weight (unlike an air weight) and is easier to conceal because of the rounded shape, but it is 'short' sighted and holds 9 rounds less than the G23. As already stated, apples and oranges. Whatever you choose, get some professional training and practice on a regular basis.