View Full Version : Sig P250 Shoots Low?

12-30-2010, 8:30 PM
My dad gave me his SIG P250 for x-mas and it is a beautiful looking firearm however it shoots low it fires a .40 S&W.

I was at the range today and no matter what I did it would shoot VERY LOW. The target was only 20 feet out and I was able to get 4 shots on the target out of 60 the rest were low. I was able to hit the target when I was aiming at the clip that holds the cardboard up.

I would like to know what I am doing wrong as I am at a loss. I took out the 1911 and was dead on each time.

12-30-2010, 8:50 PM
What was wrong, was you were shooting something other than a 1911 :p

seriously, I don't know, my husbands CZ shoots lower for me too. Not sure if I'm just used to my 1911 or if I just don't shoot well :o (but I do shoot straight on my 1911!).

Curious to see what the 'pros' say-maybe trigger pull/flinching problems?

12-30-2010, 8:57 PM
It's obviously defective. I'll give you $25 for it...

12-30-2010, 9:06 PM
Hmm 25.00 TEMPTING I could use half a tank of gas :drool5:

The only thing I noticed when I had my snap-cap in the other night was the trigger pull seems long and by the time it fired the barrel would be down a tad. Today at the range I made sure not to drop the barrel and even aiming extremely high I was still shooting it low. I am going to say it is operator error.

My dad also gave me a TLR2 Streamlight which I have not sited in yet I want to get the iron sites down first then go to the red dot. However I am wondering if this might help my problem to see were I am aiming by the time I fire.

12-30-2010, 9:17 PM
You are anticipating the shot and dropping the front of the muzzle, or jerking the trigger as you fire. Unless the firearm is defective, it doesn't shoot so low that you missed near all your shots.

12-31-2010, 12:56 PM
First suggestion is to bench rest the P-250 to determine if it's poor accuracy issue is the factory gun sights....or you.

12-31-2010, 12:59 PM
Bench that beeoottch. Seriously. I tend to flinch on .40 myself so that may be it. Shooting 9mm is little diff than .22. But most .40s I've shot tend to drive me into flinch mode.